Fiction Or Non-Fiction

I’ve always read fiction a whole lot more than non-fiction. Fiction involves the mind’s imagination and dreams from the writer and for the readers as well. Everytime I read a fiction novel, every character comes to life for me. I create in my mind the way he/she looks, walks, speaks, laughs, cries, dresses, fights etc. Its not something that I do willingly; it just fucking comes to me. I can’t help it. I start reading and I see the house or apartment, the street, the lawns, the tables, the chairs, the clothes, the dogs, the cats, the love making scene (and no matter how descriptive an author makes it, it still won’t hold a candle to what goes on in my head! If only I could fix a camera in there, I’d make a fortune in the adult film industry!!)

That’s fiction for me. It’s no wonder that before I got internet at home, which was as recently as Sept 2006, I read a lot more. Infact a cold rainy day like today would be perfect to be spend in bed with the blanket upto my chest, music playing at mid-volume level on my stereo and cups after cups of strong black coffee to keep me awake as I read a novel or two. Depending on the weather, coffee would be substituted with a 7up/Sprite or a fruit juice. And I would spend hours at a stretch reading the novels, lost in my own world, only stopping to have food or take toilet breaks. My family called me a bookworm and that I would be all quite and satisfied as long as I got a good book. Ofcourse in the beginning it was comics and stuff but novels took over by the time I was 13-14 years old.

I do like non-fiction but the stuff is rare that I like. If you ask me to name some of some good novels I’d be hard pressed to just name a few as there are so many that I have read and liked. My brain would freeze with all those titles and author names rushing to come out. But if you want non-fiction, I have read so few that I can name a couple right off the bat. I love autobiographies and two tennis greats – Bjorn Borg & Martina Navaratilova have well written autobiographies. I had a copy of My Life & Game, Borg’s 1980 published book which he co-wrote, chronicling his life till then. That is a really good read as is the book I read, taken from a library, on Martina’s life, which she also co-wrote. The last non-fiction novel that I have read is Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion.

Although I do not mind reading non-fiction, it’s 95% usually fiction for me. Reading is something that I want to do more of once again and I’ll probably start in a couple of weeks once certain things are sorted out with work and my stay.

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