Final 10 Episodes of SGU

After a quick check a couple of nights ago, I saw that yes indeed! the second half of season 2 of Stargate Universe had started and it was 4 episodes in! How did I miss this? Well I know – it’s probably because of the craziest fucked up schedule that the studio in charges have doled out.

I’m used to the normal schedule, which makes a lot of sense; if you start a series, show us viewers a full season at one stretch. If you have 20 episodes, they should be shown in 20 back to back weeks. Not split up and ripped apart! Stargate Universe has suffered this new disease that seems to be affecting sci-fi tv shows – V & Caprica also had it and the shows are suffering due to it.

In case some of you casual viewers didn’t know, SGU has a big problem which most likely will see the end of an otherwise great tv show. Syfy announced on December 16, 2010 that it would not be picking SGU up for a third season and that the Spring 2011 season would be the last to air on its channel. So far there have been no news from MGM Television, who own the Stargate franchise whether the show would continue on another channel. But in December, ET reported that the second season will be the last. So, I guess that’s it for this wonderfully dark show filled with great characters and some fine acting by some good actors.

Why is SGU getting canceled? Viewership is down you say? How come a show like this can get canceled when shitty shows like Desperate Housewives can continue for 7 or more season? How come soap operas get to be on the air for decades when a show like SGU can get canceled after just 2 years? Can you compare the Col. Everett Young vs Dr. Nicholas Rush duet with any other two actor combo on any current tv series at the moment? Sheesh! TVland has become dumber again!

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  1. I’m not happy that this show is being cancelled. While it doesn’t have the same pace as SG1 or Atlantis, the characters were developing well, and the storyline was getting better and better. I think that SyFy’s decision to keep shifting the night didn’t help either, and a lot of the SG series fans didn’t like it, so that went against it. If there is a hope that the show is picked up by someone else, I hope that it happens soon!

    They took a big break too – like they did with V, which didn’t help either show.

    However, they will never show the series in 20 weeks back to back – that just won’t work. You have to break up the show now and then, because of holidays and things like that – otherwise the ratings (which are what advertisers look at, and what keep the shows on the air) would be off.
    Sometimes, in order to build a storyline, you have to have a break – so that when you come back after a cliffhanger, the conclusion is so much sweeter! It would also mean that shows would be much shorter – 20 weeks is just 5 months, and the tv seasons run from fall into spring. We do have summer shows too though, and there were some good new ones last year. Try looking up “Rizzoli and Isles”, ‘Memphis Beat”, as well as the returning “Warehouse 13” and the fantastic “Leverage”. Out of all of these, you should enjoy “Leverage” the most Roshan – it’s a really good show!

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