Final Frontier

Star Trek is a concept near and dear to me. No other tv series / movies can ever compare to me in it’s innovation, ideology, ideas etc. With 5 live action series, 12 movies (a 13th which will be released this year), 1 animation series and several fan based productions out there, the Star Trek universe is vast and varied. You could literally go several millenniums and never finish the number of possible stories that the franchise offers.

Other than the official cannon shows I have also seen Star Trek : Of Gods & Men, Star Trek Continues, Star Trek : Renegades & Prelude to Axanar (hopefully the full length movie will come out soon) I have heard of several other proposals to make a show or mini series based on Trek. I just got to know today of a show that, although has not been made, has various concepts all set out. The concept is called Star Trek : Final Frontier (not to be confused with Star Trek V : The Final Frontier), a proposed animation tv series, developed by Zero Room Productions in late 2005 as a series of five animated segments with a continuing plot that could lead to more adventures. There was initial interest from until the end of 2007, the entire staff of was laid off and a reshuffle of management at CBS Interactive soon followed. Still the website exists to let us know what could have been.

Star Trek: Final Frontier takes places in the future of the Star Trek universe, approximately 150 years after the last events seen in the Next Generation era. Crew bios are also given for 5 of the main characters which include “Zero” (pictured above) one of only a handful of Starfleet officers to come from the mysterious world of Prime, where numbers and equations are not just a way of life, they are life itself. The Primorians’ fundamental understanding of mathematics has made their world the undisputed leader in mathematical discoveries over the last century. I find that fascinating and would like to see this concept brought to life someday.

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