Finally Back Online

Hey everyone. I’m just back online after a long gap (well it seemed that way to me anyways) of almost a week. On Tuesday afternoon around 2pm, just as I came back and sat down at my desk post lunch, my broadband connection stopped working. I called my ISP’s call center and registered a complaint but it took them till today to get the damn thing fixed. Turns out that it was a cable cut right near my apartment that was the culprit but my experiences with Tata Indicom has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

To let you know more about the whole saga of me not getting the services for which I have been a loyal customer for about 4 years now, I will post the entire details of the complaints that I have raised and the responses that I got. For now, I am just glad that I have internet connectivity at home. Internet I have missed you so much. Please stay tuned for the issues I faced with Tata Indicom.

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