Finally They Get Some Sense

Won’t be going to work tomorrow as there is a bus, taxi, auto strike and most cars will not be on the roads tomorrow. I think bikes are exempted but it might not be safe in some areas. Gonna work from home when I can.

Some idiots never learn. This guy I know was one of the most idiotic choices as far as hiring a supervisory level person goes. Morons did not notice for a long time. Idiot was below par for all 3 years – yes he lasted 3 years cause he was a brown noser and a butt licker. Finally he was kicked out!

And… I bought some new shoes. However as I was walking on the street once I purchased them, I’m feeling that it’s too tight and my feet hurt most of the way back. I stopped to eat a bhel puri and bought some juice on the way back home.

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