Finders Keepers?

While walking on the beach you stumble on a valuable object buried in the sand — say, a piece of jewelry or an envelope full of cash. What do you do with it? Under what circumstances would you keep it?

I have actually once found a small bag filled with cash that someone had left on the bus. I wasn’t sure how much cash there was in it but I handed it over to the nearest police station and the owner was contacted. I never met the guy but I was told that he was indeed very grateful. There was about Rs. 20k in it or so.

That was at a time when I was still a teenager and did not think much about money as my dad’s business was flourishing and talks of money was never an issue at all. Just a few years later we would start struggling and it didn’t stop until around 2006. If it was during this time or even now, I might think twice about returning that cash.

It would depend on a lot of things. If it was a bunch of cash but not too much, I might keep it. But then what right do I have to spend someone’s money that is not mine? It isn’t the moral or ethical thing to do! I might be tempted and I guess it will depend on my situation at that time and how much money it is doe me to decide to keep it. I still think that I would report it to a police station like I did that one time but maybe I would keep it. And spend it! I really don’t know and won’t unless I actually come across that situation again.

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