Finding Creative Inspiration

Most of the time from either my dreams or day dreams. A dialogue in a movie or a line in a book can inspire someone. A lyric from a song or even a riff or melodic solo on the guitar can inspire. Reading a well written book can really inspire you. Seeing something on the streets can inspire you. Most of life’s inspiration comes from just observing ordinary people on the streets, the bus, the train or in any public place.

I’ve heard people getting inspired by the most mundane of things : waking up and taking a shower & a shave, taking a dump in the toilet which is the hotbed of ideas & solutions. Remember Archimedes and his bathtub? Bugger was relaxed as anything when he is taking a long soak in the bathtub and being relaxed is the best way to inspire your brain. Makes it easier for the gears in your noodle to start doing their work.

So wherever you are look for things that can potentially inspire you. Cause almost anything & everything in this universe can inspire you. That’s the beauty of the universe.

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