Firefox 3.5.2 – Updated & Now…Deleted

I came home and switched the pc on and as I clicked on the Firefox icon, I got the message and the progress bar that let me know that a new version was being installed for me. That was Version 3.0.13.

On further checking of Mozilla’s site, I saw that they also have version 3.5 ready for download and it has had two updates to it. So I clicked on the option for downloading version 3.5.2 and installed it – presto! Brand new & shiny version, released August 3rd, is here for me!

Wasn’t it not that long ago that all of us who use Mozilla’s flagship application were usingour fingers & mouses and clicking on to download Firefox 3? Since then a few versions have come and gone. So what’s new over here?

  • The logo is darker (no it’s not the one shown here)
  • included tools for controlling your private data, including a Private Browsing Mode, and the ability to go back in time and Clear Recent History.
  • Supports the HTML5 <video> and <audio> elements
  • It has an ‘undo closed window’ option through the History menu
  • Comes with a ‘Forget this site’ option to erase a particular website from the browser’s memory
  • Grab a tab and drag it out a bit to create a new browser window from it. Drag windows into tabs again, and open any tab in a new window from the right-click menu, if clicking and dragging isn’t your style.

It seems faster and more powerful but I’ve already noticed a problem – my browser looked out of whack for a few minutes. I guess there might be a problem if you open a few tabs at a time. We’ll see how this goes.

Update: –  It’s been a total bust! Damn, with just 4 tabs open, Firefox shows a popup ‘A script has been stopped due to lack of memory’ and when you close it, some of the images on the websites that you have open vanish! It looks all out of whack. I tried it out twice and even after restarting the system, the same issue presisted.

I’ve uninstalled Firefix 3.5.2 and gone back to version 3. Good ole version 3. Has anyone else gone through a similar issue? Please do let me know.

2 thoughts on “Firefox 3.5.2 – Updated & Now…Deleted

  1. Others have had no issues so far. I suggest you try it out but also keep an installation file of version 3 ready with you to go back to it if 3.5 doesn’t work.

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