First Impressions

I tend to be very wary of people I meet for the first time. It takes me a while to be able to trust them or even speak openly to them. This comes very slowly to me but once I feel that I can trust them then I warm up very quickly. Now there are quite a few exception ofcourse. Ever meet someone, be it casually or work related and immediately feel a distrust of that person at the very first interaction? I’ve had that quite many times actually, I am introduced to someone and I feel like the person, him or her, cannot be trusted, is a backstabber, is a problem creator and is probably gonna do everything to make my life miserable.

Most of these cases have turned out to be true, atleast 99% of the time. The 1% exceptions have been pleasant surprises and I even have become close friends with those people. And I am man enough to admit to them that I didn’t like/trust them at first but that they changed my mind about them soon and that I feel guilty about ever thinking bad about them.

What I do notice about people is the air about them, do they come off as being haughty, arrogant and full of hot air. It’s the little things; they way they introduce themselves, shake your hand, ask about you, talk about the things that they have done. Often I get really annoyed when people from the cities of Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi & Bangalore comment on Cochin – how they thought that it was a small town and how surprised they are to find that it is so urban compared to the vision they had in their mind. Come on – that only lets me know that you have absolutely no idea about the rest of India, other than your cozy prison of a world. If they don’t about Cochin, a major port, center of commerce and IT, they should be ashamed of themselves.

I also look to see if their smile is genuine and that tells me a lot about what kind of person he/she is. If you smile and it does not reflect in your eyes, then you are a fake person. And I should be wary of you.

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  1. I can spot a faker a mile away. Their smiles don’t reach their eyes and they never ask anything about you, they only talk about themselves. I think it is important to trust that initial gut instinct. It is usually right.

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