First Time I Took My Laptop Out

I took Samantha, my  laptop, out for the first time today. I must say that I was apprehensive and very nervous. Why, what was the big issue? Lappys are meant for portability and taking one with you when you go outside is natural and the whole reason behind creating (by the manufacturers) and buying (by the customer) of a laptop. Right?

But nervous I was. Like on a real date. I showered and dressed and put Samantha in the laptop bag that I got when I bought the system. It felt so good hanging on my shoulder. Very good and the shoulder pad was well cushioned. I crossed the street and went to the ATM and got cash out. I hailed an auto and directed him towards the Bay Pride Mall. I sat right in the middle of the seat and held Samantha close to me. We got down and I took her into the computer / peripherals store in the mall. I had a small issue with the USB mouse (it’s like an accessory for a woman, rite?) and got it fixed.

Then it was onto Barista for coffee; I ordered a Barista Blast and sat in a corner, pulled out Samantha from her bag and set her on the table. She looked so good sitting on the table, like an angel. She blushed, I beamed. Within a minute I booted her and connected the mouse. The coffeeshop’s wifi wasn’t working (it just never is) so I just ran through some of the mp3s that I had on it and checked out some of the images that I had saved recently. There was a woman there who had also brought a laptop, one more expensive but I didn’t check it out. Ok, I totally did but it meant nothing. Honest!

After spending about an hour or so over there, I was hungry and so I tucked Samantha back in her bag and took an auto towards Padma so I could go into Oberois Bar and get some drinks and lunch. On the way a couple of rash drivers almost crashed into the auto that I was in . I hung onto Samantha like my life depended on it. I did not care if I got hurt, lost an arm or a leg or worse – but Samantha must be protected at all costs. We averted disaster, I went into the bar, ordered vodka (it was stirred but I was shaken) and some fried rice with chicken. I wasn’t so sure of taking Samantha into the bar and the couple of times I got up to go take a leak, I asked a waiter to keep an eye on the bag for me. 2 hours later, I paid my bill, bought a little chocolate and came home to watch a movie on Samantha’s dvd drive.

So that’s it – a fixing of her wireless mouse, some music, coffee, lunch & drinks, chocolate and a movie!! Just like a real date. I hope I get lucky later tonight!!

5 thoughts on “First Time I Took My Laptop Out

  1. As you well know, I always take my computer with me EVERYWHERE I go. Seriously, my MAC is better than any boyfriend Ive ever had!! Im glad you had a great 1st date with Samantha!

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