My First Visit To A McDonalds In India

Finall the Rosh has come back to McDonald’s! After a gap of 26 years or so! Yes the last time I was in a McDonald’s outlet was when I & my family still lived in Kuwait and that was around 1987! Since then I have never been to one. The one year I lived in Bangalore (1995-96) there wasn’t a McDonald’s franchise open in India yet. The Golden Arches have had their business run in India for quite a while but they only opened services in Kerala & Cochin this year when they debuted at the new Lulu Mall.

They then announced that they would be opening a second outlet in the city on MG Road which is much closer to me and opened a few weeks back. I’ve been waiting to go there since then but only went in today for lunch.

This is just opposite to where I was sitting.

I ordered the McSpicy Chicken burger with fried and a coke combo! Very good fries.

Best bun I have ever tasted, so soft and smooth. Excellent burger with a spicy kick to the sauce that they put. Yum indeed.

7 thoughts on “My First Visit To A McDonalds In India

  1. I dunno if they are the same as in Canada but the buns are sweetened, why they taste so good and caramelize perfectly in the toaster.Despite all the nay-sayers, I still love Mickey D’s… it’s a childhood addiction :)

  2. I see myself going there a couple of times a month. It’s a nice place to sit and enjoy with some friends.

  3. Love McDonald’s, always have. My favourite is the McChicken. My little man loves the French fries, and my big man loves the McDouble.

  4. They don’t have a full menu yet. That’s what it seemed liked to me. And ofcourse no beef :(

  5. Heh, I just checked the Indian menu, and it appears there are only 3 sandwiches on it that you can also get in Canada – the McChicken, the Filet-o-Fish and the McGrill.

    They’ve just introduced lobster rolls here, I’m not sure I’m ready to order lobster from McD’s….but man I’d love to try some of the other options you have!

  6. Yeah all international brands must “Indianize” their menu. So no beef, even in Kerala where we love beef :( I can beef burgers in local run fast food joints. Lobster is too expensive for us Indians (all the best stuff is saved for tourists) and hence I highly doubt that McD will start lobster rolls in India. But they could try crab meat patties or crab balls.

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