Five Is Fine

I so enjoy long weekends. Next weekend is an awesome one. Monday is a holiday and so is Wednesday. If only I could manage to squeak in a leave or adjust an off on Tuesday then I would be able to get 5 days off from work and enjoy myself. I wonder what I would do if I go 5 days off.

I guess I would relax a couple of days but maybe go to Fort Kochi on one of barclays bridging loan those days. I’ve been meaning to go to Fort Cochin (at the end of the city/district and which is the original Cochin and oldest part of the city) for the longest time. My mom’s place is Mattancherry which is just next to Fort Cochin and I used to go there a lot but it’s been ages since I’ve been to the area. I would also go to Lulu Mall again in Edapally on one of the days.

Also since Madhu is in town, maybe Anil, him and me can catch up on one day and go for a long lunch and drink some beer in some place. It will nice to hang out again. I really am looking forward to that.

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