Five Things Laying Around My Computer

Name five things laying around your computer.

  1. My rings. I  wear 3 rings on my fingers – one on the right hand middle finger, one on the ring finger on the same hand and one on the middle finger on the left hand. I only wear them when I go out so when I get back home and change my clothes to my home stuff, I take off the rings and place them on the left of my laptop.
  2. 4 external hard disks. A lot of my music, tv & movies and other miscellaneous stuff is saved onto the 4 drives and I keep them close by.
  3. Spare change coins. I always keep coins of Re.1, Rs.2, Rs.5 with me and when I get back home I place them on the desk near my laptop.
  4. Spare batteries for my wireless mouse.
  5. Some old dvds, in cases, some dusty covers and boxes (small ones)

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