Five Things To Do Before I Die

Buy a home
Buying your own home must rank high on most guys’ minds. Certainly on a lot of women as well. And I’m no different. I would prefer an apartment for myself a big three bedroom apartment, 10th story or above, a big balcony, kitchen, with one bedroom converted into a den/home office for me, one guest bedroom and the master bedroom. A section of the living room for guests who come in and a separate alcove for watching my giant LCD tv.

Get married
A man needs a maid. I can’t put it anymore clearer than that.My home wouldn’t be complete without a loving woman to come to every evening. I want to find my life partner and get married to her as soon as possible. I don’t like big weddings so I’d prefer a small function.

Attend a big international rock festival
Music is my life, my life is music. I want to see my favourite bands perform live on stage in a series of concerts as part of a huge rock music festival that lasts for a week. KEEP ON ROCKING IN THE FREE WORLD!!

Be the first human to welcome an alien race to eath
I’m taking my cue from ‘Zephram Cochran’s’ first contact with the Vulcans when they landed on earth and met humans for the first time. Star Trek forever!

I want to have the perfect happy moment right before I die
The content of a man who knows that he has no regrets and nothing more to achieve. The perfect moment where everything collides and nothing else matters. That one minute in time where you attain bliss & perfection & total harmony with the rest of the universe. I want that just before I pass away.

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