Five Weird Laws In Slovakia

Since 2009, the usage of non-Slovak languages on TV or radio (which may sometimes include Czech which every Slovak understands – however, Czech does have some exceptions in other contexts) may be punished by massive fines in thousands of euros. Obviously, the main “victims” of this controversial law are the members of the large Hungarian minority in Slovakia.

Since 2016, Slovak radio stations are obliged to play at least 35% of music that was produced in Slovakia and is sung in Slovak. In Czechia, we’re used to tons of radio stations that play mostly songs in English so we can’t really imagine what it means to listen to radios in Slovakia.

Stealing only one apple from a farm is a crime. If you were already sentenced for a similar crime in last 12 months, you can be sentenced for 2 years.

You must carry your passport or identity card with you at all times at all times – a photocopy of your passport is not enough. Authorities can ask travelers to show their identification at any time. Obviously this poses a risk of theft, so if you’re not the under-the-shirt money belt kind of person, you may want to think about safe places to keep important documents while you walk around cities.

Taking pictures of military and security installations is outlawed. Even facilities that could be perceived as a security interest in verboten: bases, government buildings, power plants, reservoirs, and so on. If you’re caught snapping, police could take your camera or memory card, issue a fine, even deport you.

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