Flirtation At The Provision Store

I am known for being light hearted and flirtatious. Usually I don’t mean anything by it and I mostly do the flirting with my lady friend and sometimes even with my married lady friends because it’s all in jest and I’m not serious about it and they know that. I’m very careful usually as to who I flirt with, and I mean really flirt with. A casual conversation with someone you interact with in public is ok in my book and I can honestly say that a couple of times it had put the woman in a good mood. No harm there right? And I’m usually very respectful of them so as to avoid any confusion or insults.

Sometimes I can’t help myself. Like when I was at the local store to buy some stuff in the evening and there was a big rush so I was waiting in line. This woman, not bad looking at all, was standing next to me and trying to purchase some stuff. I looked at her a couple of times, admired her figure, sighed to myself and then looked away. The next time I just happened to glance in her direction (she’s standing right beside me so it’s not hard) she smiled and said hi! I said hi back and we exchanged a few words about the delay in buying stuff. I started mildly flirting with her and she took the invitation and flirted right back to me. Harmless but her’s was a bit more obvious than my little remarks. I was thinking, hmmm could I push this a little further, ask her name and get her number?

And then I stopped! Why? cause a little boy came up to her and it was her son. I hadn’t noticed a sindhoor or a wedding ring but I hadn’t really looked hard. So married with a young kid, I was respectful and quiet now. But she still continued and with her son clinging to her dress, asking her to buy his favourite cookie. I had drawn the line but she was quite ok in continuing the conversation in the direction we had gone by earlier. Perhaps she doesn’t get to be this free at home and I provided a safe, convenient and timely outlet to let out some steam. I’m not handsome or anything but yeah I can be charming and I have a nice smile. But when you are married and have a kid, no matter how sexy you looked at that time to me, and flirting with a stranger you’ve only seen once or twice – I draw the line there.

Was I right?

4 thoughts on “Flirtation At The Provision Store

  1. Maybe she wasn’t married.. You don’t have to be married to have a child! lol

    Maybe she was interested in looking for a Father for her child.. ya never know!

  2. LB – If she was I’m running far away from here. But I asked about her yesterday; she has a husband!

    Neeroc – yup but maybe I am adorably irresistible

    Tammy – No as I did find out, she’s married.

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