Food, Fun, Friends, Drinks…Fight?

So what happened today? It was a very casual day at work, there being a festive atmosphere and some Pookalam contest going on. I wanted to go early and come back early (the support staff was on a half working day today) but I slept very little during the night and hence I was drowsy and cranky in the morning. I sat in a daze while awake during the morning hours and napped for a while in between.

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Today was Vinitha’s wedding & sort of goodbye treat for some of us. She had wanted our entire department to go out together but it couldn’t materialize and hence she took out the girls on the 14th and treated the guys to a great lunch today afternoon. After I rushed to the office to take part in some festivities, we decided to go out for our late lunch. Vinitha, Girish, Neil, Manoj & myself went to the Sea Park hotel on the road leading from Pathaddipalam to Premier. We had hyderbadi biriyani, chicken 65 & some huge pieces of fish fry. The fish was the best, so totally delicious. We washed it down with Pepsi and also had a small ice cream after that.

Us guys headed back to the office and worked on our reports till around 7:20. Neil and I decided to have a couple of drinks and headed out to Velocity Bar near the High Court junction. Well, I actually passed by it first and didn’t know where it was. I have only been there once, way back in February, and wasn’t sure where it was. We finally found it and entered to a full capacity noisy atmosphere but in a minute two guys left their table, so the waiter guided us to it. We just had a couple of drinks, vodka+sprite, and chatted for a couple of hours and then walked our ways back to our respective homes.

Oh, I almost had a fight with a drunk asshole! While we were walking back and talking, some idiot pushed me from behind and then mumbled some nonsense. I swore at him and told him to go fuck himself and to get off the streets if he can’t handle his drink. I was so livid that I swore a bit more until he was out of hearing distance. Some people are just plain assholes and need to be kicked in the balls! Infact I had raised my leg to kick him in the groin initially until I realized that he was drunk!

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Song for the day – “Long, Long Way To Go” – DEF LEPPARD

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