Foot Sprain

Yesterday I woke up with a foot pain. I tend to hurt myself on either foot while I sleep. I think it’s the way that I sleep when I lie on my stomach – I seem to have forgotten how to place my feet when I sleep in that position. It feels uncomfortable. I prefer sleeping on my side anyway. I limped during the morning at home but didn’t think it was too bad as I couldn’t see or feel much in the way of swelling and it wasn’t on my ankle.

I put shoes on and went to work but the pain got worse. While I was at my desk at the office, I would take the left shoe off so I can give my foot some relief. We ended up walking the 5 minutes to a cafe at 10 pm for dinner and it hurt all the way there and all the way back. By 1:30 am I left for home and removed my shoes as soon as I reached my front door. I took off my socks and washed both feet but I struggled to sleep at night as my foot hurt.

I woke up early this morning – well early for a Saturday – at 7:30 am and found some Volini spray for my foot. I spray a lot of it in the morning as it hurt to even sit at my desk and use the laptop. Hence I lay in bed and watched 2 movies, took a nap for 2 hours as well and now at 7pm I feel much better. I sprayed some more of the Volini in the afternoon and it looks like my foot might be just fine by tomorrow morning.

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