Fountain Of Youth

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

Why the fuck wouldn’t I? But wait…….I don’t want to drink it now. I would want to have drunk from the Fountain of Youth when I was 23-25 years old. I’m 37 years old now, with a balding head and greying around the sideburns and my beard. Let’s rewind back a decade and more ago and then give me the water to drink.

For centuries mankind, and womankind, have searched for ways of keeping ourselves young again. Keeping the face youthful and handsome/beautiful. Even if you don’t gain immortality the choice of looking & feeling young and retaining all your beauty, vitality & vigor until the day that you die is a much desired trait and some people would even kill for it! I am reminded of the story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory who was rumoured to have killed many young women and bathed in their blood in the belief that this process would keep her youth & beauty preserved. While, not many others would be willing to go to such extremely bizzare length, they might be willing to other other more sane stuff.

Hence beauty treatments, ayurvedic supplements and treatments, going to a spa, wearing this, using that, sticking to diet that would even offend a deer out in the woods – all in effort of retaining one’s youthful looks. Make it easier and give me the water from the fountain of youth! Bottoms up!

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3 thoughts on “Fountain Of Youth

  1. I would have loved to drank from the fountain of youth before the grey hair started. Dying my hair is such a pain. You men, you grey, it looks good, for us gals… We just look OLD!

  2. Yeah if was to drink from the fountain of youth should have been before the advent of the balding heads and the grey hair….. Thanks Rosie for your comment … makes me realize that doing the buzz helps me escape the grey hair…. but you could try the salt n pepper look,indira gandhi look, etc etc

  3. Really, grey looks good on us dudes? I might do a touch up with some dye on the hair if it gets too noticeable.

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