Fountain Of Youth

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

Ofcourse. I once read that it is theoretically possible to live forever but ofcourse currently medical science and the natural world is unable to produce these effects of putting a permanent stop to the aging process and at best the effects of some can just stall the process a bit. But nothing to the scale that most of us would want. So as it is theoretically possible but currently impossible, yes if you can show me that a real fountain of youth does exist, then I will drink it. And I will say “cheers” as I gulp it down.

Not only that I think it should be mandated for everyone to drink it. Let’s face it; life when you are healthy and have all or atleast most of the people on this earth drink it. Shouldn’t we all have the chance to stay young forever and live forever? If the water from the fountain could also reduce our current age by 10-15 years that would be great as well. Give new energy & restore some of the youth of the elderly and reduce the effects of the aging as well. Refresh & replenish the bones, limbs, organs and muscles of each of us.

That’s something that I always dream about. No need to say goodbye to your loved ones. We all live forever!

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