Four Weird Laws In Vietnam

It’s illegal to have more than two people on a motorbike at the same time. Believe it or not, topping this list of weird laws in Vietnam is having more than two people on a motorbike. Vietnam is flooded with motorbikes across the country. However, a hard pill to swallow is the existence of this law. Local police officers don’t enforce this law as they know there are a lot of people who do not abide by this thus it just became something that you just have to see everyday.

Another weird law in Vietnam is that whether you’re an expat or just a tourist, as long as you’re a foreign citizen, you are required to register with the local police when you move into a residence. For tourists, you can skip the hassles as your hotel/hostel usually takes care of this for you. (Thus the need for your passport.) But for expats who are planning to stay for a long term, your landlord is required to do it. Why? Simply so they know you live in that place and that you’re accounted for.

Expats Can Buy Property but Not Land This one is gold! Wanting to settle down and purchase your own piece of land in the country? One of the weird laws in Vietnam is owning an establishment or property without acquiring the land where it is built on. Yup, you read it right. According to Vietnamese law, you can basically purchase a house but not the land. So you can still live that dream to buy a house, or a mansion, but the land wouldn’t belong to you and you will have to lease it.

You’re Not Allowed to Gamble. Generally, gambling is deemed illegal in Vietnam with the exception of licensed casinos operating within the country. Anyone found to be in violation of this law is subject to steep fines and/or a severe prison sentence. Access to licensed casinos is restricted to holders of foreign passports. Otherwise, you can still spend the money on seeing several attractions across Vietnam!

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