Fragile Immunity

I catch colds so easily. I mean, someone in the next room can have a little sneeze and I will catch their cold without even coming in contact with them. When it rains a bit, I get a cold. When it stops raining and gets all hot, I get a cold. My sniffles are a part and parcel of me. When I get wet in the rain I catch a cold. Or when I take a shower and do not properly dry my hair I get a cold.

I have the immune power of a 2 year old. I have already had a cold this week – Wednesday one of the trainees in my batch spread her germs around I guess and my late afternoon I was sneezing loudly and struggling to stay coherent. A hot latte and sandwich did the trick and when I woke up on Thursday morning I was feeling much better. Friday evening I had two cold drinks and by Saturday morning I had a cold, runny nose and a sore throat. Well more like a throat irritation but I have been drinking room temperature water and drinking plenty of hot, black coffee since yesterday and the cold and sore throat are still here. So no beer or vodka for me this weekend.

As I wait for the Arsenal match to start and wait for my second cup of coffee for this evening, I hope I can recover enough that it doesn’t affect me during work tomorrow.

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