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With the impending demise of Geocities, I was on the look out for an alternative source of storing files (mostly images) online, mainly for linking to my blog. I didn’t want to drain the storage space that I have on my blog server. There still had to be a few sites that offered file storage for free!

Turns out that there might be quite a few of them actually. For my purposes, MediaFire seems to do the job just fine. MediaFire is a free file and image hosting web site that started in 2006 and is located in Harris County, Texas, USA. The free service offers all members

  • Unlimited storage
  • Upload limit of upto 100mb per file
  • No limitation on bandwith
  • Image gallaries
  • No software download needed to upload/download files
  • Unlimited downloads

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The interface is very simple to use. Logging in no hassle at all. Uploading multiple files at a time is easy as pie (I uploaded 50 files at a time). It’s quick, it’s efficient, it’s everything that I wanted.

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I’ve copied all my files from my two Geocities accounts and uploaded them to MediaFire. Now I have to go back and check which posts require which image file and then changes the paths to link to Mediafire. That will take time and energy. Too bad, it can’t be a job as easy as uploading files to MediaFire.

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