Friday Sandwich, Coffee & A Couple Of Trees Pic

Friday afternoon sandwich photos for 23, March, 2012 from Coffee Beanz

Here’s my coffee. Cold one, a choco crunch. Nice, filling & delicious.

Now for the sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich. Could have been done better but still good. Oh and they gave lots more chips with it, I just took the pic a little later. And they also had 4 slices of cucumbers with the plate.

I really wish that they would change the plate in Coffee Beanz. They look old & drab.

Oh and here is a pic taken from one of the windows of my bedroom. The big coconut trees are awesome aren’t they?

3 thoughts on “Friday Sandwich, Coffee & A Couple Of Trees Pic

  1. You have coconut trees? That’s awesome. Do you ever collect any of the coconuts? Your coffees always look really good. Mmmmm.

  2. Those aren’t my coconut trees. I live in an apartment remember? These belong to the rich family opposite our building. They have a huge house, an office building to our left and the land to our right.

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