Friday & Saturday Update

I am so tired. From late Thursday night I have had this sore throat that developed into a sore throat and a bad cold by Friday morning. It didn’t help that the ac in the company cab ride back home in the early hours of Friday morning was on full blast and it was so cold inside the car. I waited till the others got down before asking the driver to switch it off, which he did. After a 6 hour sleep, I woke up with a runny nose and a sore throat. Friday morning I spent drinking just coffee, black and lots of it, until it was time for a quick lunch and going back to the office.


Friday I treated the two other members of my team to a pizza dinner. We walked about 15 minutes to the little restaurant and had a nice dinner and then came back to the office. It was fun and the pizzas were delicious. Still suffering from a bad cold, but luckily the throat is fine, from 11 am till 2:30 pm I spent today looking for a book shelf to keep in my bedroom and showcase all my Star Trek ships. I walked and I walked and it was a hot and sunny and sweaty day. I had lots of coffee today, I think 6 cups and little food – though I did have a chicken burger for lunch – and was spent by the time I reached home.

The large steel almirah is now gone from my bedroom, with the shop owners who are nearby coming in buying it from us. My room feels a lot more roomier now and the wall on that side looks bare. I have ordered a 5ft tall, 1 feet wide book shelf with 5 racks so I can display some of the stuff on it. I will have photos of it up once they deliver it to my place on Wednesday.

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