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It is natural that you will make friends in your workplace. And maybe some enemies as well. And when I was younger I think I would become really close with some of those people. While I was working in AspinWall, I made some really good friends. 3 of them are still friends of mine with the 2 men in that list of 3 are my best friends from that time till now. There are others I am in touch with but less frequently.

Ok after that I made some really good friends in the next 3 places that I worked but by then I realized something. You can have friends in the office but in reality they are colleagues who are friendly with you. At a proper working environment you should be able to make friends with your co-workers but it is more important that you have friendly relations rather than making friends. You work with them and once the work is done, you may even go out for a quick meal or a few drinks but then you go home. It is always better to keep your personal life separate from your work life.

That’s what I prefer to do and have been doing for the past several years. My colleagues at work are my co-workers and I am friendly with them. While at the office, we used to go for dinner at the office cafeteria together, coffee breaks together and once in a while we would go to the restaurant near us to have a team dinner. And those are fun but that’s where I draw the line. I don’t go to their homes, I don’t go on weekend trips and go for drinks with them unless it’s an occasion.

I won’t even be Facebook friends with them. I have a whole list of people who have followed me on Instagram and that’s alright. I follow them back and it’s ok for me since it’s only Instagram. But I won’t accept Facebook invites until after either I or they have left the workplace. So while we are co-workers, I won’t add them to my Facebook list. Once they leave, go for it. I share too much stuff that is political or anti-religious for me to be comfortable to have them come and discuss it the next day at the office. That’s why I don’t add them.

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