Friends Season 2

I started watching Friends : Season 2 on Monday and although I skipped a couple of episodes which I had already seen many times and which were fresh in my mind, I completed it last night. Among the major events, Rachel feels jealous about Ross’s new girlfriend and later Ross finds out about Rachel liking him and they finally get together. Joey & Chandler forget Ross’s son Ben on a bus. Phoebe searches for her birth father and gets a step-brother in the process. Mr.Heckles dies. We find out that Chandler has a third nipple. Joey moves out after finally find steady work and good pay as ‘Dr.Drake Remoray’ in ‘Days Of Our Lives’ and Chandler finds a new roommate, who however turns out to be a  fruit & nut case, so Joey moves back in. Rachel tries to make peace with her former life by being the maid of honour at Barry & Mindy’s wedding but she ends up embarrassing herself. Monica, who had finally found a steady love who she wants to settle with, finds out that he doesn’t want babies and hence they decide to break up.

the long kiss goodnight movie

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