Friends Season 7

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So when we left the 6 of them, Chandler & Monica proposed to each other and they get engaged. In the midst of the celebration Rachel feels lonley and almost sleeps with Ross, much to Monica’s chagrin. Next Joey finds Rachel’s erotic novel and makes fun of her, until she retorts back and he gets scared. Rachel gets to pick an assistant and choses the handsome Tag Jones, who she soon will have an affair with. Mac & CHEESE is cancelled and after searching for a role, Joey is offered the role of Stryker Ramorray.

In a hilarious situation Joey & Ross take a nap together and find that they both enjot it, while Rachel & Pheobe compete to be the maid of honour. Ross finds out that people are making out in the library where his book is lying on the shelf. He posts himself as a guard but he himself ends up making out with an admirer. The other 5 are surprised to find out that Chandler does not like dogs or puppies. Monica makes candy for the neighbours in an effort to get to know them better but it all goes haywire until Chandler intervenes. Ross wants to introduce Ben to Hannukah and it almost fails, but with a little help he manages to do so.

Rachel & Chandler get hooked on cheesecake meant for someone else, while Pheobe is haunted by her firealarm that seems to have a mind of its own. Rachel and Chandler both think they’ve broken Rosita, Joey’s favorite chair and Rachel ends up buying a new hi-tech chair. Monica and Ross go to their parents house which they are selling. Phoebe takes a telemarketing job. As the others try to cheer up Rachel on turning 30, she realizes that her relationship with Tag won’t go much further and they end it mutually as friends. Susan Sarandon guest stars in an episode in which her character’s brain is being transplanted into Drake Ramoray and the role is going to Joey. Monica fights for her ideal wedding dress with another lady but later gives it up. Joey is nominated for an award but loses…and not graciously.

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Rachel reveales that she kissed her friend Melissa and Pheobe does not believe it until Melissa shows that she is in love with Rachel. After writing their own vows, Monica makes Chandler to go with her to Vegas and invite his transvestite dad. Chandler then gets cold feet and takes off but Ross finds him and they come back to the hall. Pheobe & Rachel find a pregnancy test kit and it seems that Monica is pregnant. Chandler hears this and calms down and steps up to get married. Joey finally reaches in time to marry off Chandler & Monica but it turns out that it’s actually Rachel who is pregnant.

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