Fright Night

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

Appropriately enough as Halloween is tomorrow. Well I have a deep fear of snakes and large spiders and disgusting creepy crawlies like them. Mainly huge spiders as I do not have much chance of coming up on a snake as much. But in thick bushes, nasty wastes and thick trees and stuff can lie both these creatures and I am terrified of them. I do not want to get acquainted with them at all though some non-poisonous snakes or the snakes with the venom removed can be quite beautiful and when I see people handling them, I do think it is cool. Not so much with spiders though!

I mean those things are nasty and ugly and yuck. Oh yeah Spider-man is cool and awesome and I wish I could spin webs and swing across the buildings like he does but spiders are fucking ugly and their legs are just  creepy as hell. Oh yeah and cockroaches – how I hate them! I hate them with a vengeance, I will hunt and kill any roaches that I can see. We occasionally get roaches when it rains quite a bit in here, yes even on the 7th floor, and I will get the nearest newspaper and kill the sonsofbitches and only then can I have peace of mind.

These shitty creatures are disgusting and vile and crappy as hell.

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