Frustration @ Work

Another tough day at the office and frustrating to say the least. I mean sometimes I wonder if the different departments are actually working for the same company. They don’t care about what happens when you are doing something that will benefit them as well but they demand it when it does not come their way. But they won’t lift a finger in support and I don’t mean going out of their way kinda support but the normal stuff that is expected of them since we are in the same organization. But most of them act like assholes and won’t even return the equipments that they have taken in proper condition. What can you do about things like this?

I have decided that I won’t be Mr.Nice Guy all the time and I will put my foot down at times when screw anyone who thinks I have changed. These buggers can kiss my ass for all I care. We have one person who, in his position, is so helpful and then you have 5 or 6 others who are worthless. Why can’t they pull their socks up and do something useful? My department is going to make sure that there will be some changes in this regard or else the others can take their problems and shove it up their collective assess.

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Song for the day – “Change” – BLIND MELON

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