FS Old Training Team Boys Reunion

Well I’m back from a little party / reunion. The old guys in my former team in First Source wanted to have a reunion with some booze and food and we picked today evening to have it. The date was fixed two day ago but the timing and venue was another thing altogether. We couldn’t finalize on a place or time for our reunion until the very last minute and since a couple of them had to leave before it got too late, we choose Velocity bar & restaurant for the venue and picked 5pm as the meeting time.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned due to various reasons (including taffifc blocks, office stuff & the rain) but it was still a very enjoyable evening.

We ended up having a few drinks (vodka, brandy & beer) and some snacks at Velocity until 9pm when 4 of us later went to have some dinner at a Arabian food place. We had some alfam chicken with khuboos for dinner, which was delicious. All in all a good evening.

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