Fur Parent Without A Dog

You know the saying, that some people say about certain kinds of women who don’t have kids but are motherly and very caring? “She’s a mother without a child!” In that case then I’m a dog owner / fur parent without a dog since 2005!

I love dogs; cats too but given a choice of only being able to keep one or the other, I would pick a dog as my companion any day. I love most dogs – not rabid or wild or aggressive street dogs – and I love looking at videos or pictures of dogs. When I am out and about and see someone with a dog, I always ask if I can say “hello” to their dog. I give the dog a nice pet and a couple of times I have bought biscuits for them as well.

I love many breeds but my favourite is the Golden Retriever, just the way my dog Shawny was. I also love Labradors, German Sheppards, Dobbermans, etc etc. Small dogs, big dogs are all cool and sweet. Sometimes I find myself lost in watching and rewatching puppy and dog videos on Youtube for hours at an end. Just a few minutes ago I watched this guy’s video in which he was actually reviewing his guitar but the beginning was a very cute 45 seconds of his Malamute, like the one pictured here.

And oh, I so want one. Ofcourse, Kerala is not exactly the right weather for a dog this furry but still I can wish for one. Someday, if I ever do get outta this building I live in, I will get a dog again.

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