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“Describe your favorite piece of furniture. What kind of memories are associated with it?”

There’s the old sofa settee set that has seen better days and has been refurnished once. It’s an old set, I think over 25 years old or so. There’s a 3 seat sofa, a double sofa and 2 single seat sofa settee. I can’t remember from where my family bought them but it’s been with us in the old house and in 2006 when we moved to this apartment, we brought them with us to be the main furniture in our living/dining room. The original covers had been replaced around 2000 or so and unfortunately my folks chose a silly little floral pattern which is so much poorer than the dark brown with red and black patterns intermingled.

The big sofa set, the one with 3 seats, doubles up as a foldable sofa bed and has served as emergency bedding for relatives who need to spend the night. Or usually it will be me and a male cousin who have to share the bed. It’s comfortable enough although as they years passed the folding back of the sofa bed has needed some extra work. That’s bound to happen after the many years that have passed.

Other than that I have spent many days – afternoon & evenings – lying on the couch and watching football on tv, watching movies and tv series etc. Lounging on the comfortable sofas has been a pleasurable passtime and they keep giving us more such memories to this day.

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