Garlic Mayo Spread

I use mayonnaise as my main ingredient in a sandwich. ***waits for the gasps to pass*** So for breakfast or sometimes even for dinner I eat what I call a mayo sandwich. Which is where I toast 4 slices of bread and apply liberal coatings of mayo on the sandwiches and eat them for breakfast.

At times, when I am not that lazy, I do like to wait and slice a tomato or cucumbers and add them inside the sandwich but those are rare, few and far between. Now since I like mayo a lot I have moved onto vegetarian mayo or eggless mayo, whatever ever you want to call it. I do like various brands and now I have actually made an online purchase for a Veeba Garlic Mayo jar.

Veeba is an Indian brand and among their various spread they have these garlic mayo. I think their regular eggless mayo is a bit too sweet but it is still ok but the garlic one is better. I did buy another brand which was terrible and I am just gonna dump it in the trash once this one arrives through the online shopping app I purchased it from. I used to buy Sangi’s Kitchen mayo which is the best but I can’t find it in online stores or the supermarket that I now visit on a monthly basis.

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