Geocities To Shut Down Service Later This Year

The most shocking Internet related news that I have heard as of yet. Yahoo! will close it’s Geocities service later this year. Back in 1999, when Yahoo purchased Geocities, it was the third most visited site on the web behind AOL and Yahoo, with 19 million unique visitors in December 1998. Geocities has since become somewhat outdated, giving users no way to integrate their sites with third-party applications.

“Sorry, new Geocities accounts are no longer available,” reads a message on the homepage from today.

Back in 1999-2000 when I first started learning html and was into creating websites for fun, I used Geocities. I have 5 accounts in their service but from around 2004, I have mainly used Geocities just to host images that I want to link to my blog. I used to maintain a personal website in my main account. I also had a tribute site to the hot actress Kristin Minter (I was particularly proud of the site design at that time) & a couple of others. I also used another account to store images. Now they will be all gone. I must copy all the files I want and move them to a safe place. It’s a sad day and it will be even sadder when the service goes offline.

Goodbye Geocities. We’ve had a good run of 10 years together. I will miss you!

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