Get Your Hot, Free Shawarmas

I got down at the bus stop just before mine to go to buy some medicine. After I did that, I thought that since I was quite near a restaurant where they serve some really good shawarmas, the plan was to buy some for dinner.

So I bought shawarmas for my dad, mom & myself. It came to Rs.105 and I handed over the cashier a Rs.500 note and a Rs.5 coin — and he gave me back 4 Rs.100 notes…….and a Rs.500 note back! I didn’t check and didn’t pay attention, cause as I was handed back the money a hot babe in tight jeans a cute little baby passed me by and I stopped to admire it.

I only noticed a little later just as I reached my building, so basically I got it for free and he gave me Rs.400 as well! I bet these shawarmas taste really good.

I’ll go back there in a couple of days and give him back the Rs.500 note.

4 thoughts on “Get Your Hot, Free Shawarmas

  1. Roshan, you’ve got me thinking about the Kentucky Inn on Marine Drive that we used to go to – back when it was the only place that served them!
    I just finished my dinner and now I feel hungry too!

  2. Man I remember those days! They cost just Rs.12 back then and were longer. Now they cost Rs.35 and are smaller. But these ones were quite good.

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