Getting Ink In Dreams

Well hello good readers. I’m still disconnected from the internet on my laptop because my stupid ISP cannot manage to fix a faulty cable that was cut. Well I might have to wait till tomorrow afternoon to get the thing finally sorted out. And I will use their broadband to search for a suitable plan with one of their rival companies and cancel this one!

Anyways, I wanted to tell you about a dream I had a couple if days ago (was it on Saturday?) The dream felt so real it was amazing. In it I was out shopping for stationary – pens and paper on which to write some stuff. I don’t rememeber why exactly I wanted to write instead of sending email but that’s not important. I wanted to buy some fancy and expensive ink pens and some good writings pads. I searched the market place and finally ended up at a store run by two blonde women in leather outfits! Which was funny since I was in Cochin and why would two blonde biker babes be running a shop in Cochin? They had some piercings and had tattoos and looked sexy as hell. I looked at several pens before selecting two and also bought 3 paper pads.

I complimented their tattoos and was surprised to know that they also ran a tattoo parlour which was inside. They told me they had a huge selection of leather stuff, piercings and tattoos ofcourse. I wanted to get inked and so I let one of them lead me inside. The inside of the shop looked much bigger than I expected and it had several rooms almost maze like. The two ladies had several of their previous works photographs and on display along with some designs as well. I must have spent close to an hour looking at the designs and was then joined by both blondies. I finally got them to design a heart with wings and a dagger through it and a skull head with a cape that looked like bat wings and a top hat (my Count Roshculla persona image) to be done on my left arm and right shoulder respectively.
By this time my sister Sherine and cousin Shalini came looking for me. They stayed for some of the procedure while the two biker mamas flirted with me and did the tattoos on me. Once they were done (tattooing not flirting) and showed me the finished work in the mirror, I asked them out for dinner – and I woke up!

If only I could have finished that dream. I am weird right? What a thing to dream about! The blondes sure were hot though!

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  1. I haven’t watched Miami Ink, LA INK or NYINK in months but yes I am a fan of those shows (except for the fake drama) and of tattooing in general. I wonder how I got that dream.

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