Getting My 2009 Thoughts In

Well we are at the end of another year. 2009 has gone by quite quickly for the most part. To me it seems like months & weeks have flown by, especially the first 6 months. And then it slowed down till about November. I couldn’t keep a track of November & December as the past 8 weeks have flown by faster than the speed of sound.

And it’s the night of the 30th of December. Time to reflect on the past year. Until tomorrow evening – cause then it’s party time. Most of my reflection of the past year will take place on the 1st, I never work on the first day of the year (ever). It’s against everything that I believe in.

Rest up dear readers. Keep up your energy for some partying, dancing, drinking and eating. Be safe.

3 thoughts on “Getting My 2009 Thoughts In”

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