Getting On The Road To Recovery

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I’m feeling more like myself, atleast I don’t feel like sleeping all the time from today. Or more precisely from this afternoon. I did nap in the afternoon but by by around 4 pm, I was beginning to get a semblance of the old self once again. It is now 7:43 pm and aside from a cough that won’t quit, lungs that hurt when I cough or try to breath too deeply and a nagging tiredness all over…I’m almost as good as new!

No, it feels a lot better and I’m thinking of going back to work on Saturday as I know I will have a ton of mail and some other things to sort through. Lucky for me, my team has taken care of the major things and it will be only the things that need my sole intervension that is left. So the plan is to rest and hope the cough and the wheezing gets better by Friday night! If it isn’t then Monday will be the day that I go back to work.

But I still stink! Here’s looking forward to that hot shower and shampoo tomorrow!

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