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I have a problem with organizing files on my computer. Mainly to do with work but at times on my personal system too. About the only thing that I have arranged and organized the way that I want it is my extensive collection of musical files, mostly in mp3 format. They are arranged alphabetically and if the songs are all from the same musical album then it is in a folder. If I have more than one album from an artist, then the artist gets a folder and the albums are arranged in their sub folders but alphabetically not chronologically. Actually I once thought of adding the year of the album being released to the title of the album so they will be displayed chronologically but…..I can’t be bothered.

At work I have the same issue. I have been meaning to arrange the monthly and yearly reports of the tests that I conduct on a monthly basis. However I have yet to do that; I just send the reports out and the files are saved on my system. This as irritated me for a while but I have yet to go ahead and do anything about it. Same for a lot of other things I am not sure why I haven’t gotten round to doing that. Whenever I create a new file that I should have added to an existing file, I keep thinking that I should just add it but I don’t. And then there is a scramble to go and get the full data when it is needed.

So I guess this year will be the year that I try to fix that. I dunno how that can be done for old stuff – you still need the time to do that – but atleast going forward I should be able to do that. Fingers crossed!

Prompt from January 2022 Content Calendar Ideas at Issuu Blog

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