Getting Your Permits In Order

When you are getting your home custom built you need to find a good builder. If you are looking to build on an existing home or building from the ground up you need a team who can help you plan your project and create a design that will get quick municipal approvals and fit the specifics of your lot. A residential permit is important to ensure that you have no issues cropping up once the construction/or renovation starts. You want the process to be as problem free and hassle free and you need to select the team that sorts that thing for you.

Building a new deck for relaxing during the weekend and cooking up those barbecue steaks or chicken? Bought a house with an unfinished basement that you now want to make into an entertainment / rec room area, home movie theatre and man cave with a big bar attached? You need to ensure that the work that you are getting done is within the local municipality permits and if you have that, then it’s a load of your back.

That’s my basement – a nice rec room area for darts, billiards, an area to display all my blurays and dvds, a 6 to 8 seat home movie theatre setup and a man cave with a nice bar at one end. That is the life.

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