Ghosts? Are They Real?

I do not believe in ghosts. In the movies and books – oh hell yeah! I like the concept that a human spirit is trapped on earth even after his body dies. In certain cases it is due to the way he/she died or it is because of unfinished business. Countless movies have been made to get the idea of ghosts on your brain. Some good stories and others….laughable!

I’m sure that most of you reading this can relate a ghost story or 10 that you would have heard from your childhood by an older relative or even from your circle friends. Ghost stories told over a camp fire in the woods is a favourite activity while camping (although in the movies that is usually followed by a rampant killer on the loose chopping the campers to bits).

Heck I’ve been involved in scaring people – the old chicken blood in syringes squirted into a hostel room while the guys are sleeping and spraying it on the wall – and even told a bunch of ghost stories and even made some of my own. Some of my favourite books / movies involve ghosts.

But do I believe in them? Not at all. Perhaps it’s because the very fact that I read so much about them, invent stories about them, watch movies about them is why I do not feel affect at all by them. I do not believe in ghosts and I do not think such a thing exists.

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