I do not believe in ghosts. Makes for good stories and scary movies but it doesn’t hold up in real life. Ghosts are one of those things like vampires, zombies and werewolves – only difference is many more people, a whole lot more people in fact, believe that ghosts are real. They even come up with instances of them seeing the ghosts of a deceased family member or a friend and having the apparition interact with them. Nonsense!

Ghosts – like the other monsters and gods, angels, demons etc – are all figments of an active human imagination, fueled by centuries of ignorance and superstition. Ofcourse some of it makes for a good tale, one you can enjoy rehashing around a camp fire at night,  or while on a trip with your friends. I love a good ghost story and a good ghost film – I can enjoy it even when I know that it’s not true and will not happen in real life. That doesn’t help me for getting a good scare and enjoying the film – that’s what film is; an escape from reality and you can enjoy it in that sense. A fantasy element to make life seem more exciting than it really is.

Never for a moment have I thought that ghosts were real in my adulthood. As a kid it’s a different thing but I think I outgrew the fear that ghosts were real by the age of 10-11, inspite of  having watched a lot of horror movies during the years before hand and since then. I’ve always read scary stuff and yes I do get scared at times but I know what is real and what is not. People who tell you that ghosts are real and that they have seen one are either lying or mistaken or mislead. Get proof, solid proof that will establish beyond a doubt and I’ll believe. Otherwise it’s just bullshit!

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