Girl, Don’t Touch That Cell Phone!

A body of the Paikali Khandayat caste in the state of Orissa have banned cell phone usage amongst unmarried girls! This they say is to prevent them from “going astray”! The decision was taken by the leaders of the caste after a 3 day meeting. About 10,000 families reside in Orissa’s Ganjam district and the Paikali Khandayat Samaj said in a statement that they feel that is no great urgency for young unmarried girls to have a cell phone. They feel that the cell phone provides them an easy way to fall in love with boys and spend a lot of time sending SMSes (texting) or on calls.

“So, we have advised parents not to encourage their unmarried daughters to use these devices. There is nothing wrong in this directive and several educational institutes have also prohibited the use of mobile phones on their campuses,” Samaj president Somanath Nayak said. Although there is no fine or punishment decided and the directive is on an experimental basis, the samaj has advised all members to follow it strictly.

Wow, India can be so narrow minded and backward thinking. Do we really live in a democracy?

But he does have a point! Take my state, Kerala, for example. Over the last 3 to 4 years I have noticed a whole lot of romances blossoming up all around the cities & towns. When I pass by on the streets I can see girls & young women talking on the phone as they make they way to or from work/college/home/shopping/restaurants/friend’s houses etc, yakking on the phone as they do so. When you see that sickly smile & a bashful blush you just know who she is talking too! It’s unmistakable; all you have to do is ride the bus on the streets or just walk by for 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes you will see atleast 5 of those girls, probably more.

Now, I am not going to say ban them cell phones. I am no dictator nor do I want to stop them for going on with their lives. All I am saying is that easy access to cell phones and cheap call rates have made it a whole lot more easier for these girls & guys to hook up and most of these romances are over the phone and they rarely meet up alone. And stupid thing is that most of these romances fail as well, just creating a lot of heartbreaks because their parents won’t approve. Most of these romances won’t end up in marriage and they look like jokers as the romance “fails”.

All because of cell phones. Anyway, do what you have to do. Most families in the state, although that is changing a lot, will not allow their daughters to marry a guy that they have fallen in love with but rather want them to marry someone who they have selected. Arranged marriages, you know. So if you can’t do something like make up your own decisions and end up marrying the guy of your choice, then why bother pursuing a romance in the first place? But ban the usage of cell phones. Fuck no! What these girls & guys need is a reality check, some common sense and perhaps wiser parents.

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  1. I haven’t seen this type of thing in Australia that much although my friend’s 15-year old daughter had a cell phone bill of $400 last month due to over zealous texting and millions of calls to a boy she likes. All that romancing is expensive. Whatever happened to the good old days of writing love letters?

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