Giving Back & Contributing

Do you give back to your community by volunteering? Or maybe you have a favorite charity you support in other ways. Tell us what causes are important to you, and why.

No I haven’t. Other than a few blood donations and some charity money funding I haven’t really done anything at all. However I might be doing some pretty soon through the company that I work for. So they have this drive that they are doing by having employees donate their time to conduct some sessions for learning a skill and taking a class on a certain topic for other people.

Like maybe an 8 hour session on Excel skills by staff who are really good at Excel for beginners. Or Word or Powerpoint. Or how to draft and official email. Correcting grammar. General sessions that can help people who haven’t worked in a corporate environment. In a lot of cases the people who are attending these sessions are from below poverty level. In some cases people with disabilities as well.

I am not really comfortable to take sessions for general public but I usually take sessions for employees. This will be similar I suppose. So I hope it goes well and I can take several such sessions if it helps.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF OCTOBER WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

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