Going On A House Boat 2Moro

download garfield s fun fest online A good month’s performance for May, all areas in green and the company wants to take the management team out for an evening of fun! All HOD’s (which includes yours truly) will be whisked away tomorrow evening to Ernakulam Boat Jetty, where a house boat awaits us.

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We will be going on a little trip (not sure till where; probably upto Bolghatty and back) and have a party on the boat house. There will be music, drinks and food and I’m sure that there will be one or more embarrassing drunks! I am not sure how I will fare but since I usually am very quite during such office parties, I foresee me drinking a couple of vodkas quitely in a corner with Leslie (the Quality lead) and probably Binu chettan (the Manager of Technology).

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Will let you kids know all about it when I get back.

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