Golden Drink To The Rescue

I’ve been taxed this whole week. It’s been tough and painful. Lots of work and completing the month end reports by the 3rd of December. Conducting a TTT that was urgent and very much the need of the hour. Trying to answer back to the numerous mails and new formats and ppts.

All this takes a toll on you. I was working long hours this week, which seemed to make it go by very quickly. And at other times it seemed to go by at a snail’s pace. A couple of issues that I needed to answer to – one that I completly take up the blame for and the other which I shall not under any cost.

A long 6 days. Atleast 64 hours straight working and 10 more traveling to and from the office. I am tired and I need to relax and unload. I needed beer – cold comfort in a golden liquid format. And so I went to get me some. Two bottles of it and some noodles and a good chat with a former colleague. All I want to do now is to watch some football and then get a few hours sleep.

3 thoughts on “Golden Drink To The Rescue

  1. I wish I cud. Two large ones were all I took last night. And I feel like having a couple more this evening.

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