Golden Liquid Delight

I love beer! I love to drink beer and would love to taste a whole lot of different brands from across the world. Unfortunately where I live in, my options are limited. Kingfisher rules the roost and in most  bars it’s getting harder to find other beers. The other Indian ones I like are Haywards & London Strong, while I have also had Kalyani & Sandpiper – the latter of which sucks!

International beer that I have had, and enjoyed quite a bit, are in the order of preference – Carsberg, Tuborg & Fosters. I’ve had Fosters a whole lot more but that’s because it seems to be more readily available in the bars that I frequent. I guess that it’s because of cricket and Australia playing India all the time. So one good thing comes out of cricket (ugh, I do hate the sport)! Recently, atleast that’s how it seems to me, Tuborg has been made available in India and it’s becoming quite popular in Kerala now. I’ve only had Carlsberg twice and loved every sip of it.

But that’s it as far as international beers are concerned. I wish we could get a whole lot more of them beers like Heineken, Guinness, Amstel and beers from Unibroue. In 1996 while in Bangalore I became friends with the son of an Indian diplomat who got us Labatt’s & Molson beers from Canada. I was ecstatic and gratefully drank two each of them beers but have never been able to get my hands on any more. Ironically enough, 19 was when I first started to actually drink and enjoy beer. I’ve had beer from the age of 17 but rarely drank it.

One point to note is that most beers in India come in the 650ml bottles and not the usual 341 (or is that 350 ml) bottles that I usually see in North America. Not too sure of the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “Golden Liquid Delight

  1. Pop over to London, I’ll buy you a pint of something different, though I wouldn’t join you, I don’t like any kind of beer! I’ll have a juice :)

  2. That’s a nice offer. I’d love to enjoy the true British pub culture and enjoy a few Guinness pints with some English grub, like fish & chips. You are a sweetie Diana. One day I will visit my relatives in Cardiff and pop over to come and see you.

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