Golden Shepherd – A Gorgeous Mix

The beautiful Golden Shepherd is what happens when you cross two of the most popular dogs in the world. The intelligent and working German Shepherd is mated with the loyal and loving Golden Retriever to make a loveable mix. I mean, just look at this cutie?

As this breed is a hybrid dog, it is not recognized by any major Kennel Club. However, they have been registered by the International Designer Canine Registry since 2009. The German Shepherd can be either the dam or sire for a Golden Shepherd puppy. Suited to very active homes, the Golden Shepherd is happiest with upwards of 60 minutes exercise per day.

With both parents being historic workers, this mix loves being busy. If it’s not physical exercise they thrive with mental stimulation. Brain games are a must! Their high intelligence means they pick up tricks super-fast and will love playing treasure hunts or hide and seek with the kids. Your mixed breed dog may be more German Shepherd than Golden, or vice versa, when it comes to their temperament.

Generally, the Golden Shepherd is affectionate, playful, smart and sociable. Yet, it is possible that they could inherit the more protective nature from their Shepherd parent – so they might be a perfect watchdog. Early socialization is essential in warding off particularly wary behavior from an overly protective dog. Being super-athletic and trainable, this dog thrives in sports like chase, agility and flyball. On the whole, the Golden Shepherd is a people-pleaser who learns new tricks incredibly quickly. Like their Golden Retriever cousin, the Golden Shepherd is generally suited to most families, providing they have experience of large breeds.

Like its parents, the Golden Shepherd will have a double coat; a coarse outer guard layer and a downy undercoat to keep them warm. They will have two major blow outs per year, but, realistically your home will always be full of dog hair. You may want to rethink having any black clothing in your closet. Golden Shepherds don’t tolerate being left alone for long periods. Being a super-loyal companion, they don’t understand why you would want to leave them. They can become anxious and destructive; they may bark and howl.

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