Gonna Live Forever

Back in 2008 I had started a project of trying to write a book or a separate blog of the scifi universe that I had dreamed up off. I’ve had this dream back in 2003 and ever since then almost on a nightly basis I have extended this dream into a larger than life idea of a time when humans have everything. I had created in my head a time period 5000 years from 2013 where humans are a dominant race in the known universe, having traveled throughout this galaxy and interacted with numerous alien life forms and been to many star systems, planets, moons and other celestial bodies. With the advancement of technology faster than light space travel in various comfortable & practical and even luxurious space ships that can house cities of people if needed (with everything that they need at their fingertips), life is very exciting.

The Earth was completely abandoned for dead, it’s atmosphere unable to sustain life at all and after the discovery of 3 extremely suitable planets in another star system in 2490, it was decided that all humans, along with the animals & birds, would relocate to these 3 planets in the Vetra system as we came to call it. The evacuation of earth & the colonization of the 3 Vetra planets took over 10 years but finally, with the exception of some insects, all life on earth was either in transit in huge bioships, residential & military spaceships or already on their new home on one of the 3 planets. 10 years and 5 months after the first ships left for Vetra, the last ships reached the orbits of the 3 planets that we call our new home and humans and animals were led to their locations.

In the universe I have created, things are great with no poverty, no hunger, no killing, no animosity between humans, no diseases and life is relaxed. Although still not written down, an event will take place many many years later after conflicts with an enemy alien race, one of many but the most dangerous of the lot. Humans have stopped aging, except for babies & very young children who still have some slow growth for a while until it stops. This is because of a revolutionary, flexible forcefield or shield, that virtually makes us immortal and impervious to outside forces (natural or non-natural) that could otherwise harm us. But this forcefield also happens to reactivate a virus, a biological weapon that was sent upon us by this alien enemy race. When activated & reacting with the shield it stunted growth in all humans and earth’s animals. So now aging, no new births and no one dies as well unless they went and harmed themselves or someone else harmed them.

Would you like to live forever be immortal in a way?

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